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I agree with you partly. Disease is one of the big killers of the world. But I still think that terrorism is a bigger deal. Humans have control of what they do but they choose to do as their evil leaders tell them to. Disease seems to be a natural cause that can be prevented. For example AIDS and HIV can be prevented if the people of Africa were taught to be safe. Unlike diseases, terrorism is hard to prevent. When you try to prevent terrorism, it ends up killing more people because to prevent an attack you have to attack before the other side does. Also one day there can be a medicine to cure AIDS and HIV but there will never be a medicine that can cure terrorism. Terrorism will always be there until we have world peace, and most likely there wonít be world peace for a very, very long time. We wonít even be alive when there is world peace. Since technology is getting better really fast itís harder to keep track of who has what weapon and such. But with the technological advantage scientist have more ways of looking for the cure of cancer, AIDS, and HIV. This is why I think that HIV, AIDS, and other diseases arenít as threatening (even though they are) terrorism.