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Terrorism has grown to be a big problem now a days. There is terrorism in Iraq, North Korea, and many other places. One big effect from terrorism was 9-11. Terrorist sent by Osama Bin Ladden. Because of him, many lives were lost in the attacking at the World Trade Centers, The Pentagon, and Pennsylvania. Recently one of the world’s greatest terrorist leader was captured by the United States Government. The leader that the U.S. captured was Saddam Hussein. He was a threat to the United States and His own country of Iraq. When he ruled he would have forced elections and he’d kill people if they did not agree with him. Another terrorist leader is Osama Bin Ladden as said before. At the moment no one knows where he is. He is a threat because he has people that are still loyal to him. He is also the one that attacked the United States. The reason why there is terrorism is because the people that attack, attack because it is part of their beliefs. There are many ways that terrorist can attack. One way is suicide bombings. A suicide bombing is when a guy straps a bomb to him and blows himself up around a crowded area to kill more then just himself. Another way is blowing up vans in front of buildings to demolish the building and kill other people. Terrorism is looked at in the world’s eyes as one of the top things that should be obliterated from this world. The United Nations have done many things to try and stop all the fighting.