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History: they were invaded by the Vikings. Normans were the French. British King Henry the 8th called himself the lord of Ireland. Irish were called the Celtics. King Henry wanted a male heir but they kept giving him female heirs. Henry left the catholic church because they would not let him have a divorce. English won battle making Irish to leave Catholicism and gave English good land and gave Irish bad land. If you were Irish and remained catholic, they were poor. There was no middle class. Southern Ireland was given the Irish cause it was rocky land and English kept Northern Ireland.††

Current political state (ie, N. part of UK): There is a chance for peace between the Irish and the British. They are trading peace for land.

extremism (ie, IRA): Terrorism was used by the Irish. IRA: Irish Republican Army. IRA were radical Catholics and the orange order.

reunification (Who wants it? who doesn't? means what?): the people that want reunification are the Irish. The British donít want reunification. Irish want their land back, British want to keep it for themselves.

III. Pacific Rim/ Trade

history(ie, Kennedy 1961): JFK gave Japanese money because he felt bad for the.

trade balance (in favor of who?): Trade balance is in favor of the Japanese.

IV. National Debt

national debt vs. deficit: national debt is the amount that other countries owe to the United States or we owe to other countries. Deficit is the amount of interest on the National debt.

magnitude of national debt(possible analogies): We owe are always paying off money to other countries so we can be safe or because the other country needs money.

effect on future: next generation will be paying our debt still.


Basic facts from hand-out

treatment & research: there is no treatment at the moment for and AIDS.

history: came from intimacy between two gay males.

causes & prevention: you can prevent AIDS by being safe.