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I agree with Nicole Knicker. The Industrial Revolution was a big part in history that had many pros and cons. The Revolution changed the culture extremely during the late 1700s, 1800s, and the early 1900s. All the industry that came in brought bigger and better things into the world. Items were being produced at massive rates in very little time. Because of all of this, human labor was needed to work the factories. So many workers were needed that little children were brought into the factories to work. Child labor was an old deal, but then when the Industrial Revolution came around child labor was highly abused. It is true that there were politicians that tried to make laws against children labor and that they tried to convince other people that child labor was not a good thing for the children. This was probably the major and biggest problem that the Industrial Revolution had. I agree that this is a time that people have learned from their mistakes in life. It is good that back then there was one law passed but it is even better that now there and a bunch of laws not allowing children to work in any type of company or business. These are some reasons why I agree with Nicole in her ideas of pros and cons of industrialization.