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There are many pros and cons of industrialization. Some good things about industrialization is that now we have all the machines to build the things that we use daily like cars, computers, televisions, clothing, and many other things in this world. But all this good canít come without a bad to it. Because of industrialization, many people were forced out of work or put into work with low pay and no health benefits. The jobs were extremely dangerous to the point that someone can lose their life. If you missed a day of work you would pretty much lose your job. With all the industrialization, it has caused a bunch of pollutants that have gone into the air causing people to get sick from it. Industrialization has also damaged the environment. Because we have found coal, iron, oil, and other resources in the earth, we have been over using them damaging the earth causing an unbalanced ecosystem. Finding all the resources has done miracles to Industrialization though. Because there was coal that could be mined, locomotive trains could burn the coal as a source of energy to make the train move. The factories that popped up made new and better things for the people to have and use. And as things got better, production of the goods got faster and better as time went on. But then because of all of this, people of highly populated areas in the world depended on their job to live and survive. If they didnít have a job, that person and their family would have no food. Another thing that was good that came out of it was that child labor laws have been enforced. During the Industrial Revolution, children at the age of five were working already. Because of that, laws were enforced making children work less or not at all. These are some pros and cons of industrialization.