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Mr. Haskell's Word History Period 3
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Journal#1- Recall WWI and the conditions in Russia in 1800s and early 1900s. List possible causes for the Russian Revolution in 1917.

-Lack of economy
-Lack of workers
-New Leadership
-Rebuilding from the war.
-Repay any debts that they owed
-New kind of government.

Journal#2- What problems angered the people of St. Petersburg?

Some of the problems that angered the people of St. Petersburg were the bread riots that went on in 1917. They rioted because the government was taxing them so high that they barely had enough money to buy food. They also were angered because of the monarchy that was in Russia. When the monarchy fell Stalin came to power. The people thought that when he was in power Russia would go back to normal. But as they discovered, Stalin was a corrupt leader angering them even more then they were before.

Journal #3- Why is it often difficult to establish democracy in a country without a tradition of democratic government?

It is difficult because the country has no experience what so ever with democracy. Democracy is not an easy thing to learn. If the country tries to become democratic, it's hard because they don't know what they're doing and they don't have anyone supporting them. This is why when some countries try to become democratic, another country that is democratic comes in to help out the country in need.