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Literary Devices and Techniques


Fiction: a narrative that springs from the imagination of a writer.


Novels: a fiction prose narrative of considerable length.

Short Stories: a brief work of fiction that can be read at one sitting.


Character: The people that play the parts in a story.


Plot: The main point of the story.


Setting: The place that the story takes place.


Theme: an important idea or message conveyed by a work of fiction

Main Characters: the most important character of the story.


Minor Character: less prominent characters


Exposition: the groundwork from the plot and provides the reader with the essential


 Rising Action: Rising of complications through the stories process.


Climax: the turning point of the action.


Falling Action: events that occur after the climax


Denouement: triangles of the plot are untied and mysteries are solved.


Dynamic Characters: main characters that go under change through out the story


Static Characters: Main characters that remain the same through the whole story.