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In my opinion, direct democracy is the way to go. In a direct democracy everyone gets so say what they want to say. In a direct democracy, you have the right, at age eighteen, to choose who you want to be as the leader of your country. In an indirect democracy the word of the people would not be heard unless you are part of the government. No one would have a choice to anything and all the choosing would be done by the government. Direct democracy was created by Athenians, and now involves all citizens including minorities and women. Indirect democracy was created by a male society which included only men with absolutely no women allowed at all. In an indirect democracy we the people would vote for our representatives but then our representatives would vote for our rights without the thought of the people but with the though of themselves and other representatives. In direct democracy is also known as Liberal democracy. In a direct democracy the people have the right to choose what rights should be allowed and which rights should not be allowed. Now a day, many democracies are direct which involve both men and women for the voting of rights and the leader of our country. With allowing all men and women to vote, it creates a vibe that all people are treated equal and that the government should go smoothly without the objections of women wanting rights. Currently the United States is run by a direct democracy, which is why both men and women are allowed to vote at the age of eighteen. One country that was run under an indirect democracy was Iraq. No women had the right to vote for their own rights when it came to voting. This is my opinion on direct and indirect democracy.