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Luan Tran

Mr. Haskell

World History

Period 3


March 1, 1189

I have decided to start a journal since I have decided to join the Third Crusade. My name is Sir Archibald III from the land of Clermont. I have left behind my wife Anne Marie and my daughter Elisabeth. It is only my first day and I can already feel the hardships. Already we have been attacked by the Muslims when we were at camp in Spain. We were just sitting waiting for our orders when they came out of no where and attacked us. During this attack about 50 of our men were killed and we captured 5 of the Muslims. I was really close to getting my head chopped off. I was fighting one Muslim and another came from behind. I saw the one from behind so I ducked and he chopped off his own manís head. Hopefully we will not get attacked and no one will get killed. God please help us.

March 2, 1189

††††††††††† Today was a better day. We didnít get attacked. It was also good because we traveled from Portugal to the Strait of Gibraltar. During this trip we found good food and water. All the injured from yesterdays attack were feeling better because we had a lot of supplies. None of the medics were tired and the towns that we went through were encouraging to what we were doing. God really was listening to me last night. This morning we heard word from the Pope that the Muslims were weakening and that if we keep up all this good fighting we would win. The only bad thing about today was that I already miss my daughter and wife. My daughter is only 5 so I want to be there for when she grows up. Thank you God for helping us.

March 5, 1189

††††††††††† Sorry I did not write yesterday. Yesterday was a really bad day. Our needing officer was captured and all of us got kind of out of hand. We all decided to vote for someone new to run our group. Sadly they all chose me. No I have a bigger chance of getting killed or captured and then Iíll never see my wife and daughter ever again. This morning my first battle of being head of the group. The job is really complicating and stressful. The men always complain saying that I am not fair to all the people and fair only to the people that I like. Tomorrow if anyone gives me a hard time I will punish them, even if they are my friend or someone I do not know. God please help me and my men through this hardship!

March 10, 1189

††††††††††† It has been harder and harder for me to write in my diary. The past five days have been the worst five days ever since I joined the Crusade. According to what I have heard from messengers, the Pope says that we are close to defeating the Muslims. If this is true, I will be able to go home to my wife and daughter and live the rest of our life without problems. In the past five days we have been ambushed 3 times. In the first we lost 10 men while they lost a good 20 men. That was a good day for us. The third day when we were ambushed the second time, we lost 30 men. This was not a good day. We lost a bunch of our supplies and of those 30 men were 10 of our best fighters. The last ambush no one died but there were a lot of the supplies that was taken from us.

March 20, 1189

††††††††††† Itís been ten days since I last wrote in this. The past ten days have been a living hell. The first two days were the best of all even though we were ambushed twice and lost fifty men. After that it was horrible. During the ten day span we lost a total of half of our five hundred man army. The only good thing that came out of this entire thing is that there are now enough supplies for everyone in the encampment. We are trying to recruit more people as we go because we know if we get ambushed that badly again, we are going to lose everyone. Right now I am very depressed. Being away from my home, wife, and daughter is really eating at me. Yesterday was the hardest day for me. It was my daughterís birthday. I wish I could have been there to celebrate it with her. I wish I could go home and be with them.

March 25, 1189

††††††††††† The last five days were the best days ever. I havenít written because I was training men that we were able to recruit. The town that we were in was really generous and donated a lot of things to us. They gave us enough food that would last us for a good month (if we donít get ambushed by the Muslims). The blacksmith also supplied the entire army with new weapons for free as long as his son will be able to come home when ever he wanted to. Of course I agreed and we all got new weapons. These five days we were in the town and there were no encounters with any Muslims. Hopefully everything will be smooth sailing from here.

March 27, 1189

††††††††††† The past two days have been really boring. Ever since we left the town there has been no action at all. All we have done is walk and walk and walk. The only really bad thing about all this is that I miss my daughter, wife, home really bad. Hopefully I will be able to go home soon and get to spend time with my family.

April 1, 1189

††††††††††† Ever since my last entry there was absolutely nothing happening until today. Today we encountered a big group of Muslims. They did not see us so it was all good. I decided to take my men and ambush the Muslims like they did to us. When we attacked they were completely caught by surprise and didnít know what to do because they didnít have their weapons. When they finally got their weapons, so many of their men were dead that they had to retreat. This was a good day for me and my men.

April 6, 1189

††††††††††† Today was a horrible and good day. It was horrible because I got two fingers cutt of in yesterdayís battle. The good news is because of this injury I will be able to go home and be with my daughter and wife. I will be sad for leaving all my men. Before I leave I will appoint a new person to run the men.

April 8, 1189

††††††††††† Today is my last day with all my men. We decided to stay in a nearby town and we decided to have a small party to forget all about the fighting. I chose the man I wanted to take my place and everyone seemed happy with my choice. Hopefully they will be successful on their quest. Now it is time for me to go home.