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I agree with James Lonsert. I agree that democracy has evolved a lot through out the years. Even through good times and bad times, the conflict has usually been fixed. There were many things that contributed to the evolution of democracy. The Ten Commandments were a big influence on the evolution of democracy. It showed that if you do something bad, you will get punished for it. Like in religious beliefs, if you sin without confession, you will end up going to hell. In democracy, if you do something bad you will get sent to jail. The Magna Carta influenced by telling people that there is no one above the law. The Magna Carta is one of the bumps in democracy. For example, if you were a famous person or high person in the government, you can get out of tickets easily. The Divine Rights of Kings also helped. The Divine Rights of Kings showed that absolute power to one person is not a good thing. When Hitler had power and chose to do as he wanted is an example. Because of the Devine Rights of Kings, the power of a nation in democracy is spread out and given to people of smaller states like a governor of a state. I would have to say that the biggest influence to democracy would be Athenian Democracy. As James said, the Athenian democracy was the first democracy of the world. Since then democracy has evolved into something better. Instead of just men eighteen or older thatís a citizen of a community that can vote, all citizens are allowed to vote including women and minorities. After all of this, I agree with James. He showed that the Ten Commandments, Magna Carta, the Divine Rights of Kings, and the Athenian democracy have influenced and evolved the modern day democracy.