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Democracy is not a recent form of government. It was started way back in the 13th century by the Greeks. It was a system of government that involved everyone to choose who and what they wanted to be part of their government. Ever since democracy began, it has improved. There many things that improved on democracy. Some of them are the Ten Commandments, Athenian Democracy, the Magna Carta, and the Divine Rights of Kings. Even though some people say that the Ten Commandments are a religious thing, it really is an outline of what a democracy should be like and gives you the basic human rights. The Ten Commandments tells you what you can and canít do. For example, ďThou shalt not kill.Ē If you kill someone, you will be punished by the government. The Magna Carta has helped democracy in many ways. One way saying that no leader including Kings, and lawmakers are above the law. In a democracy this is how it is, no one including the President is above the law, but sometimes for minor cases, the more important people can get away with it. The Athenians democracy is very important because it was the one that started all of democracy. All citizens of the city, males eighteen or older, were allowed to vote. Now, as long as you are part of the nation and older then eighteen, you are allowed to vote. The Divine Rights of Kings was something bad that helped influence people into democracy. The rights said that the kings had all power no matter what. The king was considered the tool from the gods. When this was abolished, the people were scared of having one ruler so they decided to have a government with shared power. Even though democracy has evolved a whole lot since it started, it still isnít a perfect government. It has its goods and its bads.