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My first website is all about Ancient Greece. This website has stuff about Greece’s history, environment, architecture, art, religion, philosophy, clothing, people, war, government, economy, language and literature, food, sports (the Olympics), and science. In the history section the author shows a timeline of the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and the Iron Age of the Greeks. In the environment section, the author tells about the surroundings of Greece when it was considered Ancient Greece. In the art section, it talks about what kind of art was done back then. The religion section of the website is about what kind of religions the Greeks believed in. In the philosophy section, it talks about the three main philosophers in Greece. The clothing section shows what kind of clothes the Greeks wore. The war section talks about the wars that the Greeks were involved in. Government section talks about the democracy that was in Greece. In the economy section the author wrote about what the Greeks produced to sell. Language and literature section talks about what the learned and taught in school. In the food section, they talk about what kind of food the Greeks ate. In sports, it talks about the Olympics, and in science the article talks about the medicines, astronomy, and mathematics that was done. 


Ancient Greece,, 28, September 2005


The second website that I chose is all about Daily Life in Ancient Rome. In this website, the author writes about what the Romans eat, what entertains them, how they take bathes, have siestas, how their families work, their clothing, how they house, their weddings, and some other things. In the bathes section, the author talks about the way the Romans would take bathes. For entertainment, the author wrote about how they would go to the coliseum to watch gladiators fight. In the food section, what the Romans ate was written down. In the siesta section, they talk about how the Romans would take naps after their lunch. When it came to the family section, the author talked about what a Roman family consisted of. In the clothing section, it talked about what the Romans use to wear, like the toga. The housing section talked about what the Roman homes looked like. In the weddings section, it talks about what Roman weddings were like. Another section that the website had was about school for the kids in Ancient Rome. In the school section, the author talks about what and how the children learned in school. These are some of the things that you can get from the website.


Daily Life in Ancient Rome,, 28, September 2005


The last website that I chose is all about Ancient Greece. The things that you can find in this website are Ancient Greek history, the Olympics, Greek wars, Greek art and architecture, Greek geography, Greek mythologies, Greek people, and there are other sources that you can use to research on Ancient Greece. In the history section you can find out about how Ancient Greece developed as the years went on. The Olympics section talk about the Olympic Games when they were first created in Greece. In the Greek war section, the author talks about the wars that the Greeks went through during their ancient period. In the art and architecture section of the website, they talk about what kind of art was done and what kind of architecture they used for their buildings. The geography section of the website talks about the physical features surrounding Greece and the type of people around the area. In the section that talks about mythologies, they talk about the stories that were told and passed down from generation to generation in Greece. The Greek people section talks about what some of the common personalities that people had when it came to everyday life in Greece. The section that has other sources gives links to other sites that would give you more information about ancient Greece.      


Ancient Greece,, 28, September 2005