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Edith Cavell

London Hospital                                                           28493 Hartford

22342 Cherry St.                                                         Brussels, Belgium, B-1930
London, England D-306                                               (32) (2) 910-4772
(32) (2) 867-5342


Training at the London Hospital, by Eva Lückes, London, England

Nursing degree

Graduated 1897

Major GPA: 3.5; Overall GPA 3.1


Assistant matron

Checked up on patients after released

Managed money and other nurses

Responsible for safety of patients


Work at London Hospital                                                                              1896-1898


Helped on the daily duties, gave out medications, bathing and care for patients, awarded the Maidstone Medal for my help in a break out of typhoid fever 

Private Nursing                                                                                              1898- 1903


Dealt with cases of pleurisy, pneumonia, typhoid and a Bishop's appendicitis, was a private nurse and had much responsibility in the well being of many important people

Shoreditch Infirmary                                                                          1903-1907

Assitant Matron

Pioneered follow up work by visiting patients after their discharge, cared for patients and checked up on them after they were released, made sure the hospital was doing a good job of caring for their patients  


  • Awarded  the Maidstone Medal for my help with and outbreak of typhoid fever
  • Appointed assistant matron  


Eva Lückes

22342 Cherry St., London, England D-306

Dr. Antoine Depage

88497 Summit Hill, Brussels, Belgium B- 462